Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Our rooms

Are the rooms only for students? Arrow

Yes, Velocity is exclusively for students. In Norwich, your fellow residents will all be studying at either UEA or NUA.

Are the rooms fully furnished? What about bedding? Arrow

Yes, all our rooms are fully furnished. The bedding is an additional cost as it would have to be replaced when checking out at the end of tenancy.

Can I bring my own furniture? Arrow

Sorry, no. All our rooms and communal areas are already fully furnished.

Can I bring my pet? Arrow

Sorry, but all our rooms are pet-free. This is to ensure a clean, stress-free environment for everyone.

Is smoking allowed? Arrow

No, the entire building is non-smoking, so you can’t smoke in your own room or any shared spaces.

What else do I get in my room? Arrow

You get an en suite bathroom, double bed, bedside tables, USB charger point, desk, chair, wardrobe and TV.

You’ll also have your own dedicated mailbox for receiving post.

Are all the rooms fully accessible? Arrow

Yes, there’s a lift to provide access to all areas for wheelchair users.

We have three accessible rooms, which have wet rooms as their en suite bathrooms.

The facilities

Is there Wi-Fi? Arrow

Yes, superfast Wi-Fi is available throughout the site, and included in the cost of your room.

Is there space to store my bike? Arrow

Yes, there is a covered space on site where you can store and lock your cycle.

Where can I do my laundry? Arrow

You can use our on-site laundry room, with eight washer-dryers.

Where can I study? Arrow

You have a desk in your room, or you can use one of our shared study spaces if you prefer.

Is there any parking? Arrow

Sorry, but we don’t have any parking spaces on site.

However, there are no parking restrictions on the road outside, so you may be able to park there.

Making a booking

How do I make a booking? Arrow

Simply get in touch with us to book over the phone.

What rental packages are available? Arrow

You can choose a tenancy lasting either 48 or 51 weeks.

All tenancies begin on 1 September.

Can I choose which room I want? Arrow

Yes! During the booking process, you can see which rooms are available and choose the one you like best.

How much does a room cost? Arrow

Velocity rooms start from just £167 per week, all-inclusive. 

Are all bills included? Arrow

Yes, our rental costs are all-inclusive. There are no extra charges to cover any bills.

Can we book as a group? Arrow

Yes, absolutely. You can set up a group during the booking process.

Velocity rooms are arranged in clusters, and group bookings are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. So if you all want to live next door to each other, make sure you book as early as you can.

What documents will I need to book? Arrow

We’ll need to see proof of ID and proof of residency in the UK. We will carry out reference checks before we confirm your booking.

Will I need a guarantor? Arrow

Yes, we will need someone to act as a guarantor for your rental agreement.

When you make your booking, we’ll ask for the details of your guarantor. They will commit to paying your rent if you are unable to, for any reason.

Your guarantor can be a parent, guardian, family member, or anyone else who is willing. They just have to be based in the UK, and have a good credit rating.

Do I have to pay a deposit? Arrow

Yes. When you apply to book a room, we will ask for a holding deposit – usually one week’s rent. This will be taken off your first payment when you move in.

With regard to the damage deposit, this is due when you pay your move in money. It's only £250 (rather than the usual one months rent amount)! 

Paying your rent

How do I pay my rent? Arrow

You’ll pay your rent monthly.

When you move in, we’ll ask for your first month’s rent in advance, plus a deposit of £250 – minus the holding deposit you paid when you first booked your room. You’ll need to pay this whole amount by the day before you move in.

What if I can't pay my rent? Arrow

When you book your room, we’ll ask you to provide details of a guarantor (see above).

If you can’t pay your rent for any reason, your guarantor will pay it on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can find someone else to take over your rental agreement.

Can I cancel? Arrow

Once you’ve entered into your tenancy agreement, you’re committed to taking up the room and paying the full 48/51 weeks’ rent.

If you want to move out, you’ll need to find another student to take over your room and start paying your rent. Otherwise, if you can’t pay, your guarantor will have to cover the rent.

If you want to transfer your booking to someone else, please get in touch with us.

Moving in and out

When can I move in? Arrow

You can move in any time from 1 September, or 19 September if you choose a 48-week tenancy.

What should I bring? Arrow

Just yourself, your clothes and whatever you need for your course!

Everything you need to live here is already provided, so you don’t have to worry about furniture, bedding, crockery or anything else.

Can I stay over the Christmas and Easter breaks? Or for graduation? Arrow

Yes. If you choose a 51-week tenancy, it will run from 1 September to 24 August the following year.

Norwich and the surrounding area

What's the local area like? Arrow

Velocity is located in a quiet residential area that has a good mix of students and local residents, and a supermarket nearby.

Norwich is a wonderful place to live and study. To learn more, see the student life page.

How far is it to UEA? How long will it take me to get there? Arrow

Velocity is about one mile (1.6km) from UEA. You can walk there, or cycle there even quicker.

What about NUA? Arrow

NUA is about three miles (4.8km) from Velocity. You can make the journey by bike in around 20 minutes.

You can also catch a bus to the city centre from close by Velocity, or from the UEA campus.  

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